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You Get What You Give

Updated: May 17, 2021

Seriously, you really do get what you give, however, too often that's a very difficult concept to grasp. Before you write off the idea, consider this.

Think about a close personal friend or colleague who is having a bad day or better yet, seems quite certain the world is out to get her. She shows up and starts to spout off on how awful the drive in was or that she's angry at her child's teacher for requesting cupcakes for a class celebration at the last minute. And why in the world isn't her coffee order ready?

That negativity shows up in so many ways, not in just the words she uses, but also in her body language and EVERYONE around her can feel it. What happens to you when you're around someone like that? Or, when you're like that? My guess is you don't really want to be around that person. If you have no choice but to be there, you may try to change the subject or find someone else to talk to. That kind of energy is not attractive, just the opposite, it's off-putting. Therefore, if you're giving out negativity, you're going to get it back in spades.

Now, change the situation to another scenario. Your close personal friend or colleague shows up and instead of complaining, gives you a big hug and asks how you're doing. She doesn't seem to be concerned about herself at all, and is sincerely interested in learning more about you. Do you think she's going to get some of the love and attention in return? You betcha.

Give it a try. Next time you're out running errands or walking into your work environment, conscientiously choose to be kind, gather up loving feelings and know that whoever you encounter you will smile to and say hello. See what happens. And if you're brave, choose instead to walk in knowing everyone you encounter is a jerk, not very bright and down-right intent on making your life miserable. See how the world reacts to you with those thoughts. That's going to give you something to think about, especially this: our thoughts not only drive our actions, they also drive how others respond to us. Awesome stuff, right?

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