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Is it over yet?

Seriously, are we over the disastrous and debilitating COVID-19 pandemic yet? I'm certainly hopeful and beginning to get excited about getting back out there. I've actually taken a few flights, was a guest at a lovely outdoor wedding and have been to more restaurants in the past few weeks than I ever did during the past 14 months. Things are looking up!

But there are a few lingering issues we'll all have to deal with. Like, for instance, will my workplace require I go back into the office. I've asked everyone what their stance is on that front and the answer varies. Some want to go into the office and resume their old work life. Others are happy never to step into an office again and others are okay with a little bit of going in and a bit of work from home. My life for the past 5 years has been that last choice - two weeks in and two weeks working from home, and I love it. I missed going into the office, seeing all my work buddies and having a change of scenery. These past months of strictly working from home were brutal. And I can only imagine what it was like for parents of zoom educated children.

There have also been a few silver linings to this pandemic, am I right? Living in more comfortable clothes, not having to wear makeup or dress shoes, and learning EVERYTHING can be delivered right to your door. I recall hearing that many folks took up long-awaited hobbies, finished their novels or took up their art again. I can't say I did any of that, but I did pick up Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" and developed a year-long practice of writing three pages every day. That was my therapy, and continues to be to this day. I recommend that practice to everyone, budding writer or not, it helps clear the mind and move forward with more energy and hopefulness.

Yet, a year of solitude, not seeing loved ones in real life and being a part of a larger community was very, very difficult to manage, for me at least. I'm grateful for zoom calls - to be able to see and laugh with my work mates, my friends and my family. But I sure missed those priceless face to face moments, video cameras just aren't the same.

Now that there's light at the end of the tunnel and we can begin to live more freely again, how are you going to embrace this new reality? Will it be with wonderment and curiosity or with dread of change? Let me give you a little advice - being curious and open will certainly allow you to enjoy the ride. Dreading change has no upsides. As I mentioned in other blog posts, negativity breeds negativity. And lets face it, change is happening every day whether we notice it or not.

So are you ready to get back out there, to find the joy and the beauty in the new world of today? I am.

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