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Imagine the Possibilities

Updated: May 17, 2021

The sky's the limit!

Let's talk about possibilities for a minute. We've all seen the word "impossible" written like "I'm possible". Which, when you think about it is a quirky way to trick your brain to consider alternatives when you're thinking something isn't possible. But your brain is a mighty force, and it believes whatever you tell it, especially when it matches your belief system.

So in order to talk about possibilities you have to consider your beliefs. Often what's possible in our lives is contained only by our imagination. And if you imagine yourself incrementally improving, growing or moving forward that's exactly what is likely to happen. But, if you believe you can improve, grow and move forward by leaps and bounds, that's probably what you'll do. It really is that simple.

I heard a story recently that illustrates this concept beautifully. A successful real estate agent was working for a large, local real estate firm that offered her all kinds of wonderful resources and support to help her be a great agent and in return she gave them a percentage of each of her sales. That's how it typically works and that's why many agents love the system. However, this one agent decided she wanted more and connected with a coach to help increase her productivity, and what happened was fantastic, but not remarkable, really. She stripped away any limiting beliefs she had about her possibilities and potential and then blossomed greater than a big southern crape myrtle tree at the beginning of summer. Not only did she increase her sales, she started her own firm, expanded her geography and today (after 16 years of growing) she has more than 150 agents working with her.

And you know, she had to have had a ton of limiting beliefs crop up every time she dreamed big. She worked through them, and jumped right after those dreams.

This kind of story can be yours. Your possibilities are endless, seriously.

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