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Give the Gift of Presence

I’d like to take this time to share with you food for thought, something to consider during this Holiday season.  


As I continue down the path of growing my coaching practice, I’m finding that it’s the simplest of things in life that make the world of difference. 


I hope you give this a try and that it has a positive impact on you. Speaking from experience, practicing being present has had a profound effect on my own well-being and on my closest relationships.


Here it is:


During this holiday season, my suggestion would be to consider giving the gift of PRESENCE. One where you give the people you come in contact what they want and need most – TO BE SEEN, TO BE HEARD, and TO BE APPRECIATED.

It’s simple to do. Whenever you are with anyone, provide them your undivided attention, while being CURIOUS, KIND, AND PRESENT. (Which means keeping your smartphone in your pocket or bag)


The benefits of being PRESENT are enormous.


  •     It strengthens relationships and allows for a deeper understanding of the perspectives and emotions of others. It serves as a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety.


  • And it allows you to appreciate the simple joys of life, finding beauty in the ordinary and fostering a greater sense of gratitude.


  • Being PRESENT lays the foundation for meaningful connections and mutual understanding, and while maybe surprisingly, lead to a more compassionate world.


  •  When you embrace the power of PRESENCE, realize that in our genuine attention to others, we not only enrich their lives but also enhance our own.


So during this holiday season, whenever you can, give the gift to PRESENCE.

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