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Rediscover Your Dreams
without worry or dread -
Turn them into Your New Reality

Can't turn off the constant chatter and fear about what to do? Pretty sure that the best years are behind you? 

Are you feeling: 
Afraid of what the future holds

Do you dream of having more joy and real sense of purpose?

Do you want to wake up excited to get started on your new career that allows you to enjoy so much more each day?


Do you want to enjoy your mornings, taking your time to sit in your favorite spot and read the news or practice your morning meditation?

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Hi, I'm Karen,

I'm squarely in the middle of my Third Chapter, and I'm here to tell you your best days are ahead of you.

I help women, just like yourself, learn how to make real transformation changes in their lives.  I know what it's like to go through a heartbreaking divorce, and how it feels to be burned out in corporate life as well as the impact of watching your children leave the nest.  

AND I know how awesome it feels to be filled with joy and purpose, to be resilient, and to be empowered.  I also know first hand that life is much, much more gratifying and rich when living your dreams, purpose and passions. 

Are you ready to find joy and contentment in who you are and discover all the wonder the future holds?  

What are you waiting for let's get started!


Happy Clients

Working with Karen helped me realize that it is never too late to entertain the possibility of change. With her guidance, I navigated barriers I wasn’t even aware of that had prevented me from moving forward. We created a realistic plan that will help me reach for what I didn’t think I could ever attempt.

W. Juren
Norfolk, VA

Karen is both professional and relateable; we had a connection immediately.  Her holistic approach to coaching is personal and, doing my part, produced the insights and results I had been struggling to make myself.  We worked with purpose and specifically on areas of my professional and personal life that needed my attention and I found that none of those areas were mutually exclusive, to my surprise. She truly has a gift that needs to be shared with everyone!"

B. Flynge
Chesapeake, VA

From the first session with Karen I felt so at ease talking to her.  It reflects her demeanor because I usually have anxiety when talking to people.  A lot of the exercises we did with thought work made me realize I have so much more control over my life than I realized.  She constantly makes me feel capable and gives me tools to fight the barriers that hold me back from accomplishing my goals.

R. Ferguson
Norfolk, VA

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Meditation by the sea

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become”


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